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Helen of Troy Landing Page – warning follows

This is a very violent era of ancient history. By going beyond this point you are recognising that discussion of war, human sacrifice and adult themes are contained.

This series of web pages started out life as a review of Bettany Hughes: Helen of Troy: Goddess, Princess, Whore, but it has since taken on its own sprit as I researched beyond the confines of the book itself – into Homer, into the Trojan War, into the archaeologists behind the discoveries.

An excellent book in many ways, it is repetitive and strangely ordered. That almost seems to have been the intention – an historia as the author calls it. It is thematic rather than linear.

To create any kind of summary, I have had to re-order here and have added in plenty of ideas of my own.

Themes follow and can be worked through sequentially. At any time you can return to this page, where you can also watch Bettany Hughes’ documentary connected with the book.


The documentary from 2005 by Bettany Hughes can be watched below. Please note I am not responsible for embedded, external links.

Bettany Hughes is speaking at the British Museum 22 November 2019.

TROY opens there the previous day.

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